Q: SO.. uh… what religion are you?

A:  I am a Muslim and I believe in and practice aspects of the other Abrahamic faiths. I think interfaith appreciation and worship is so important in building our relationships with others and with Our Creator.

Many people conflate culture with religion and this creates the false idea that one has to oblige with a culture to be adherents of a religion. Think about it like this- culture is entirely human cultivated, but I do not believe Faith is. Humans have a tendency to combine the two, and I truly believe that this creates conflict and friction between people that have very similar morals and fundamental beliefs.

More than anything, I am a person of Faith. I don’t feel the need to define my relationship with God through one avenue. Faith is every individual’s unique relationship with their Creator, which I don’t think can be defined by a title.

Q: Why do you reference The Qur’an, The New Testament, and The Old Testament?

A: I read all of these books because I believe they all contain truths and words that deeply resonate with my soul. The parallels I see between the words of the Apostles in the New Testament and the words of God in the Qur’an are astounding and solidify my love for Interfaith practices. At the same time, every book has been translated and transcribed by people who are prone to making errors. In addition, these books were all written with certain instructions for a time period that is long gone. Many of the societal instructions outlined in the Old Testament and The Qur’an would not be able to be practiced today, and should not, for good reason. I therefore believe in a progressive and active interpretation of these texts.

November 21, 2017