Soulful Seeds is a blog with shared experiences, advice, and information meant to nourish your soul so that you can bloom into the best version of you. 

I decided to call this blog “Soulful Seeds” because I truly think of our lives as analogous to the lives of plants that are sown into God’s soil and made to thrive and produce great things through Him. 

Thinking of all of humanity as seeds really emphasizes the reality that we are all connected and should do away with harmful divisions that work to pit one against another. 

Like seeds, which vary by classification, size, and fruit, every human is unique in origin, family history, birthplace, and in infinitely more aspects. Like seeds, we all need the same thing to grow and flourish. Seeds need warmth, water, sunlight, and soil to grow. Likewise, we need faith, fuel, love, and connection to grow. 

I believe that what makes us “seeds” inherently soulful is our connection to a Creator from which all of us grow from. The Soil of God is constantly feeding us with nutrients and love. 

But we also need to give ourselves fuel, sunlight, and connection to propel our growth. We need to believe in our potential to grow in order to do just that. Taking care of ourselves is something I just recently have seen the value of. It is often overlooked in our busy day to day lives but it can be done in so many ways: eating well, moving your body, treating yourself, or soaking in knowledge, to name a few. 

We also need to love our fellow seeds in order to thrive alongside them. Every human craves connection with others and that is not a coincidence. Only when we give to others and love others can we obtain that necessary human connection that honors the beauty of this life God made for us. 

That’s why I decided to divide this blog into three main categories: Living, Loving, and Giving. Simple, right? These three actions and mindsets really will allow us seeds to thrive and be fruitful. (Are you tired of this metaphor yet? ;)). 

I hope you stick around this corner of the internet and bloom with me. 



November 21, 2017