Easy DIY Advent Calendar

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     This easy DIY calendar is a craft that can be engaging for many; it is affordable, quick, and fun! Even the most craft-challenged newbies (me included) can have a great time making this and enjoying it throughout the month.
      Traditionally, Advent calendars have functioned as a fun way to countdown to Christmas while getting to enjoy daily yummy chocolates throughout the month of December.  Despite the family quibbles that might start over how the treats are apportioned, this holiday tradition is something everyone in the family can look forward to.  The treats you uncover don’t have to be limited to chocolates or candies. Another way to enjoy this holiday tradition is by making an advent calendar filled with different kinds of daily goodies.
  • Tri-Fold Poster Board ($5.50)
  • Mini Craft Sacks- 25 ct. ($2.99)
  • Clothespins (varies)
  • Mixed Media Jute Rope ($3.00)
  • Some kind of paint/markers for decorating (varies)
  • Festive wrapping paper (varies)
  • Goodies to fill the pockets with:
    • Makeup samples
    • Candies
    • Variations of different tea bags/coffee packets
    • Gift cards
    • Positive affirmation cards/notes
    • Small Accessories
      • Bracelets
      • Headbands
      • Bows
    • Office Supplies
      • Erasers
      • Bookmarks
      • Magnets
1) I painted the entirety of the board with white paint before beginning any designs. This covered up any of the black print that is on the board.
2) Start by decorating the opening flaps of the board. I painted a wreath centered on the “door” which would be opened to reveal the calendar.
front of advent calendar
3) Measure out some festive wrapping paper to cover the entirety of the center board.
cover the board in wrapping paper
4) Paint whatever you desire on the inside of the two flaps! I chose a candy cane print because it went nicely with the color wrapping paper I chose and it is relatively easy to replicate!
candy cane print paint
5) Measure 5 equal pieces of jute rope/twine to cover the width of the board (for 5 mini craft sacks to hang upon each).
mixed media jute ropemini craft sacks
6) Secure the twine underneath the poster board with a hot glue gun, make sure it is secure enough to hold up.
7) Attach the clothespins to the twine, and the pockets to the clothespins so that they hang off of the twine.
clothespins with pockets
8) Insert the treats into each of the 25 pockets!
     Wal-lah! You’re done with this quick and easy DIY advent calendar.  My grandma loved this gift and is super excited to have a surprise waiting for her every day of December leading up to Christmas.
     I hope you guys try this DIY advent calendar out and let me know how it goes!

Hi Y’all! My name is Zahra and I’m a 19 year old college student passionate about growing spiritually, learning endlessly, and living healthfully. I love to express my deepest sentiments and ponderings through writing. I thank you for reading my words; I hope they nourish your soul!

November 27, 2017
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